Sunday, 11 March 2012

Ministry in Kakira.

Well its the end of another week and this week has been a good one for sure. The first half was pretty uneventful but once the end of the week neared we could see that this week would be like no other. On Friday we planned to go to a town about a half hour walking distance called Kakira. We practiced a dance and a skit in preparation. All week it was the much anticipated event.
Finally, Friday arrived. We started the long trek to Kakira right after lunch. When we first arrived we weren't entirely sure where to set up and finally found a place. After beginning to set up we had many struggles getting the equipment to work so while we waited we played with the kids of the streets. They came from all over and within the first five minutes we had probably thirty of them surrounding us. They all shouted "mzungu"(incase you didn't get that from before, it means "white person" and is constantly yelled at us everywhere we go) and reached out just to touch us. At one point there was so many children grabbing onto my arm that I could not move. They also loved it when we took pictures of them. I would take out my camera and they would all crowd around trying to get into the picture. Then I showed them the picture and they would all point to themselves and laugh. We even sang some songs with them and I went in the back and danced with one of the the little boys and soon all of them were turned around laughing at the mzungu trying to dance. It was such a joy to see their smiles.
At last we got the sound system to work at around five o'clock! So we did the dance that we practiced and then sang some songs as we danced behind. Mandy, one of the DTS students, made up steps and we all followed his lead. It was really cool but I could not understand any of the songs because they were all in Luganda. So I just danced and tried to follow the Africans amazing lead in dancing. Then our leader spoke to the people. After he finished talking he asked if anyone who wanted prayer or to give their life to Christ to come forward. A few people came forward and they began to pray. But this did not satisfy Mandy. No, he walked through the crowd, wearing his "Jesus gown" no less (because he just put it on for the skit), and asked specific people if they wanted prayer or wanted to be saved. He found three more people that wanted to give their life to God! Praise Jesus! Then we preformed the "Everything Skit". For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about I strongly suggest looking it up on YouTube. I have seen the skit on numerous occasions and I absolutely love it! I was so grateful to actually be a part of it for once. I played the part of the model. All week we had been practicing it and had never once executed it perfectly but the Lord was with us that day because we were able to preform it beautifully. We finished for the day and finally had to walk the half hour back in the dark. Needless to say we all made sure we had a guy with us as we walked through the sugar cane fields. I walked with Mandy and made sure he kept me safe. As we were walking, I was just being stupid and freaking out because the sugar cane workers were going to kill us and Mandy said to me, "Haven't you heard? If God is for us, who can be against us?" Thank-you, Mandy. Its amazing to me the amount of faith the Ugandans have! Each one of them is so anchored in God that it would be impossible to move them. All together, Friday was a day of God revealing His amazing love. It is utterly unbelievable how much love for the Lord everyone could have when they have so little worldly wise. Their faith is stronger than I even imagined. I have so much to learn from them. The children of the street who literally have absolutely nothing praised God with all their heart. Psalm 34:18, "The LORD is close to the brokenhearted 
   and saves those who are crushed in spirit." 


  1. God your your everything! He sure was, once again!

  2. We really look forward to your posts Renae. You have painted some vivid pictures of your experiences.

    biiiiig huuug!

  3. I wish I could have seen your dance. Can you send pics or short videos? I am praying that God blesses your experiences and keeps you safe.