Sunday, 4 March 2012

Living out an 'African Lifestyle'.

I think this week has been all about learning how to live like a Ugandan. Sometimes I think they have all their priorities right. They work had but all in due time. Often we say we need to get on ‘African time’, which is very unspecific. On Tuesday, one of our leaders, named Susan, was telling us how when somebody says five o’clock you have the full hour of five. It could mean five fifteen, five thirty or even five fifty nine. Even though they may never have an exact time and are very relaxed schedule it is nice to live like that for a while. Even if I am worried about being late I will probably be the first one there and I find myself becoming more and more relaxed with my time. It is good to slow down and take a look at everything that is happening. However, even with the African relaxed attitude they certainly know how to work. This week we started our work duty, or ‘worker duty’ as the Africans call it, and have been learning various African chores. First of all, laundry. Laundry is all done by hand and has to be washed at least three times before being considered clean. Lets just say after this I will never take a washing machine for granted anymore. Second, mopping. You wouldn’t think such a simple thing would be that much more work in another country, but here its quite the undertaking and must be done often because of the mud. The floors are forever stained red so mopping involves first mopping a thick layer of water on to the floor. Then squeeging the water off and finally dry mopping it clean. Then there is slashing. A lawn mower would be much too easy; instead we must take a long stick with a curved blade at the end and whack at the grass to make it shorter. A small area may take a group of 30 workers an hour. And I won't even mention the sorting of rice and clean up after meals. It truly is great to relax, work hard, and worship God with everything we do. Africans certainly know how to live. They show who deserves the glory in everything they do. Sometimes I think the western society is too wrapped up in their own world and making it on time to this and that, that they fail to see the big picture and what this life is really all about. Work hard and worship God harder, that my friends is how to live. Colossians 3:23, "Whatever work you do, do it with all your heart. Do it for the Lord and not for men."
On another completely random note, we visited the source of the Nile River yesterday. That is why I did not get internet because we were busy seeing the spring where water comes up and travels four thousand miles to Egypt! 


  1. great to hear 'bout your experiences. i think i need to go there for a few months. Pray that God will bless your time there, and keep you safe. i'm eager to hear more.

  2. Renae,
    This is a great picture of what God wants from us! Thanks for writing!
    One question-are you gonna be on time when you come back? :)

  3. Thanks Renae for your perspective, love to hear about it, hugs, T.Ann