Saturday, 23 June 2012

Living Examples.

For the last week we have been richly blessed but worked to the point of exhaustion. We stayed in a pastor's house for a week in Kyenjojo town. There we had amazing breakfasts, our own bunk, and even a television! We thought we had reached the ultimate outreach location when we first arrived. Little did we know how hard we would work for those little perks. The church we worked with was about a kilometer away from the house that we stayed and we walked there and back about twice a day. We also did door-to-door in the surrounding villages, walking even further. There was never a day that we didn't have our schedule jammed packed, between crusades, school ministry, door-to-door, and even the orphanage that is connected with the church. Needless to say we were pretty worn out from the adventure. But through our adventure I was able to experience true African hospitality. The pastor and his wife, David and Anette brought us into their home like family and told us to never hesitate to come back anytime because now we are friends and family. They are amazing examples of Christ to live by. They have never felt called to be involved in children's ministry but through God they opened an orphanage. But they didn't just open an orphanage, they parent the children there. Many of the kids were first raised in their home before living at the orphanage. But David and Anette don't just do ministry, they are constantly looking for God's next direction. They are real life circle makers in their prayer. Before the ground that the orphanage, church, and school rests on was anything, they fasted under the mango tree for three days praying for what God was going to accomplish there. They are truly examples of Christ in their day to day life. I am so thankful for them because without their hospitality and love, I doubt I could have handled the exhausting schedule of Kyenjojo town. On Monday we moved to Mityana and have settled into a nice house of a very lovely lady. The town here is big and very African. I think I am some people's first white person, the way they scream "mzungu" after me. Yesterday a little boy started to cry when he saw me and Alex. He tried to run but he couldn't because he was crying so he finally decided to cover his eyes with hands until we passed, which for some reason totally helped. I guess if he can't see us, we aren't there. Crazy kid. On other news, on Thursday we had a rooster and a chicken for dinner and I was on cooking duty. (Don't forget in Africa all the meat is fresh) So naturally I killed the chicken, with a kitchen knife too. Then we ate it a few hours later. Can't wait to show you the pictures! Otherwise all is well, and on Monday we are moving again to a small village close by, then returning here on the following Monday to finish our outreach.
"May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had, so that with one mind and one voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ." Romans 15:5-6


  1. Was it hard to hold down?!?

    Yer such a tough chick!

  2. What an awesome experience. Can't wait to see your pics.
    I bet you can't wait to have a good american pizza? What does an amazing breakfast consist of in Kyenjojo? You mentioned David and Anette being open to God's will. It'll be exciting to see what God has planned for you.
    Todays verse psalm 119:32 I run in Paths of your commands,for you have set me free.