Saturday, 25 February 2012

School Starts.

School officially started this week; so many people from different cultures are here. We have students from the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, England, and all over Africa. To see the all the cultures intermix in one place is really quite something. Us westerners have had a difficult time to be completely immersed in the culture here and try to help each other out. Hearing about the lives and viewpoints of the Ugandans has certainly been interesting. On Wednesday, we talked with a strong woman of faith who lives in our room. Her name is Faith and I could not have given her a better name myself. She told us of her life story and I was shocked the background that she had from a woman of her standing. When she was very little her mother abandoned her and when she was twelve her father had left her as well. So she wandered from place to place with no home. She would stay with friends or go to a home but many times they would tell her that they had no room. She’s had to fend for herself ever since. She received a sponsor who helped her graduate school and accepted the Lord as her Saviour when she was sixteen. Last year Faith had a sponsor for her college career but they told her not too study music which is her passion because there is no future in that, so she had to take social work classes instead. She has the most amazying voice I have ever heard. However, they failed to come up with the funds to send her back so she decided to come to YWAM and find money for school in the fall. In all of this she keeps in mind the verse that states although your father and mother forsake you, I the Lord your God, will never abandoned you. Recently we learned that she does not have the funds to stay with us and she fears she has to leave. So the muzungos (white people, and I totally have no idea if I spelled that right) have decided to help her our as it only cost four hundred US dollars for her to attend and we feel out of everyone here she longs to be here the most. So if you want to help out Faith, you can talk to my mother and she will get the money to me.
You never really understand a different culture until you find yourself some how completely in the middle of it. I love hearing about how our lives are so different and strangely unique but yet we are all of one people praising God, singing and dancing as one! I had been struggling with finding God in this new culture but yesterday we sang “Mighty to Save”, which is my favorite song and I realized He is the same God here in Africa and all the way back in North America. Never changing, always the same. Hebrews 13:8 "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever."


  1. Love reading your updates Renae! What an amazing adventure to be on. I will continue to pray for you and Faith, sounds like an amazing women. Sending prayers and hugs to you even thou you spell your name funny. ;) Be safe.

  2. what an exciting experience. looking forward to read more of what God has planned for you. you are in our prayers.